Surface Go 2 Teardown Results


When iFitIt got their hands on the original Surface Go, they gave it a lowly 1/10 score for repairability. The reason being a “terrifyingly” difficult display to remove – which is also necessary to replace any other internal part, the lack of upgradability, lack of modularity on highly used ports, and prominent use of adhesive.

Now, they’ve put the Surface Go 2 under the same process, and these are the results.

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Hands-On Roundup: Initial impressions of the Surface Go 2


The original Surface Go was surprisingly well received by reviewers. Many praised it for its small form factor, its responsiveness, and its relatively affordable price tag.

Despite the shortcomings associated with lower-end devices like the Surface Go, the device clearly triggered an emotional response from its users, and Microsoft is hoping that it can build upon that with the Surface Go 2.

Here are some of the the initial impressions of the new Surface Go 2.

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Welcome to The Surface Guide


I started this blog in 2012, mainly as an outlet to talk about the tech that interested me at the time; Windows Phone and the then newly introduced Microsoft Surface.

My earliest posts were merely a sentence or two in length. This blog was basically my Twitter page, enjoying it as a platform to share my thoughts and any tips I had, never really thinking anyone would read what I posted.

To my surprise, it caught on, particularly a how-to on running Android apps on the Surface. So I kept at it for a while but eventually stopped as personal commitments had to take priority.

Today, I’m giving it another go, and with a new name to boot. Welcome to The Surface Guide.

As the name suggests, I’ll be doing things a little differently this time around. The focus of the content I’ll be publishing will be on Microsoft’s Surface range of products, and their various accessories.

While I will be posting news occasionally, I do not intend for The Surface Guide to be a news source. There are some great tech news sites out there that will do a far better job at news than I will. Instead, I’ll use this platform to concentrate on editorials, opinion pieces, tips, how-to’s, and more personalized content.

If you’re stuck at home during the pandemic, and you have a brand new Surface device and need some guidance on how to get the best out of it, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks for reading, stay home, and stay safe!

Microsoft + Nokia: History in the Making


Now that Microsoft has completed the acquisition of Nokia’s ‘Devices & Services’ unit, great things are bound to happen. Microsoft now owns all of Lumia, Asha, Nokia X, and feature phones joining Surface, Xbox, and PC accessories under the company’s hardware umbrella. This would allow Microsoft greater control in aligning development of their software and hardware, effectively giving them the ability to push products and solutions out the door more efficiently to customers and businesses.

Have a look at the infographic below for a visual history of Microsoft and Nokia (click to enlarge).

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Cortana is here


Microsoft’s Siri/Google Now counterpart is finally here. Built into Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana (named after her namesake in Halo) is what Microsoft calls the “first truly personal, personal assistant”.

She stands out from the competition with a more natural voice, people-based reminders, and a user customizable ‘Notebook’ where she stores your information. Oh, and she sings.

Have a look at the demo below for everything that’s new in Windows Phone 8.1 including Cortana.