Surface Laptop Go Review Roundup


Today is launch day for the all-new Surface Laptop Go, as well as the (new) Surface Pro X.

The Surface Laptop Go is a new entry in the Surface lineup, and the third device to use the ‘Go’ brand, a brand Microsoft used in the past on the Surface Go and Surface Go 2. All of these devices are budget-friendly and targeted mainly as a device for kids to use at school.

So how does the Surface Laptop Go stack up? And what compromises did Microsoft make to bring the price down to start at only $549? Hear it from the reviewers in this review roundup!

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USB-C makes the new Surface Dock 2 a significant upgrade over its predecessor


The Surface Dock has been one of my favorite Surface accessories. I’ve used it at work to connect my Surface to two external displays, as well as keyboards, mice, and other peripherals. All conveniently connected to my Surface using a single Surface Connect port.

Now, the new Surface Dock 2 is here, and it features some much needed improvements, which brings the dock up to 2020 standards.

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Surface Pro 3 unveiled. Surface Mini lost in translation


Microsoft have just announced the latest addition to the Surface family of tablet computers. The Surface Pro 3 out-innovates its predecessor in every aspect that matters.

Dubbed as “the tablet that can replace your laptop”, the SP3 features a 12″ 2160 x 1440 display, new Intel processor selections from i3’s all the way to i7’s, a kickstand that adjusts to pretty much any angle you want, and better speakers, all while being thinner and lighter than the Surface Pro 2 before it.

Specs, details, pricing, and availability after the break!

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Microsoft officially announces plans to unify the Windows and Windows Phone Stores.


ImageIts official! Microsoft have announced plans to merge the Windows Phone and Windows Store’s together. The long rumored plan is now confirmed with the software giant making changes to its developer community accounts.

“New developers can register and existing developers can renew their account using the same Microsoft account. Developers will enter registration information just once and pay a single lower price of $19 for an Individual and $99 for a Company account, providing access to publish apps for both Windows and Windows Phone users.”

Next up, cross-platform compatibility. Modern UI apps should be able to run on both Windows Phones and Windows PC’s and tablets in the near future.

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog

Introducing The New Microsoft Surface


Microsoft recently announced a duo of tablets that on one hand, portray quality and beauty in industrial design and in the other, serve as a betrayal to the company’s OEM partners.

But that’s not what you came here to read, you want to know if the Surface tablets are any match to what Apple and Google have to offer. The answer to that depends on how much you appreciate the flexibility of the Windows ecosystem because the hardware itself one-ups every other tablet in the market today.