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Windows 8 and Windows RT Hit RTM

Its done! Microsoft have signed of on Windows 8 and Windows RT (Windows on ARM) and companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo etc will be able to purchase volume licenses of the new OS to pre-install them on their PC’s in preparation for the October 26th launch.

MSDN and TechNet customers will be able to download the latest build (9200) on August 15th. However, although development of Windows 8 is complete, Microsoft have announced that they will continue to monitor “real world” usage experiences and provide updates prior to launch. Also, its important to note that the Windows 8 Release Preview will expire on the 16th of January 2012.

In other news, Microsoft have also announced that they are now accepting submissions of paid apps into the Windows 8 Store, which has been limited to free apps since the Consumer Preview launched earlier in February.

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