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Microsoft introduces Bye Bye Hotmail.

Lets see, a cleaner “Metro-fied” look, Facebook, Twitter and Skype deeply integrated, and best of all, no more creepy ads! Among others, these are some of the new features in Microsoft’s new web email client. will serve as the successor to Hotmail and pose as a more aggressive competitor to Google’s Gmail, which in my opinion, is already one-upped with Skype seamlessly built in.

Personally, as a Hotmail user, I rarely use the web-based client, Hotmail on my Windows Phone does the job just fine, and I’m sure that’s the same for many of you. We’re yet to see how Microsoft will introduce on mobile devices. However, so far, things have been going well with this launch, with other 1 million users visiting in just the past hour.

Try it out yourself by going to

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