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Microsoft Collaborates With Pulse

Pulse, a popular news reader on iOS and Android seems to have entered some sort of strategic partnership with Microsoft. Recently, in collaboration with the software giant, Pulse has released a web-based version of their reader that seems to favor IE10 on Windows 8 more than other platforms and browsers, providing exclusive multi-touch gestures that only work in Metroland.

Surprisingly though, Pulse for Windows Phone, that’s been around since before Mango was released has been pulled from the Windows Phone Store. The official statement is that the company is trying to better prioritize their work efforts. However, I see this as an indication of the power of IE10 on Windows Phone 8, that will supposedly be able to support the same HTML5-heavy exclusives that its desktop counterpart does.

Go ahead and pay a visit to the new website. News couldn’t get more personal.

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