How-To Surface Duo

The different ways of answering phone calls on Surface Duo

The Surface Duo is an unusual device, and as such comes with unusual ways on of doing everyday things, like answering phone calls.

Thankfully, unusual does not mean complicated, and in the case of Surface Duo, answering phone calls unusually is still relatively intuitive. Here’s how.

Answering calls

There are two different ways you can answer phone calls on Surface Duo depending on whether the device is closed or open.

If the device is open and a call comes through, you can simply tap on the answer button.

Now, if the device is closed and a call comes through, you can answer the call by either opening the device and flipping the left display backwards to automatically answer the call.


You can peek at who’s calling by slightly opening the device, then either flipping the left screen back to answer or closing it to ignore.

Earphone location

Keep in mind that Surface Duo only has one earphone, which is located next to the camera on the right display, so that is the only display you can put against your ear to take phone calls. Otherwise, you could always opt to use the speaker, or Bluetooth headsets to get the audio across.

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