Reviews Surface Duo

Watch Surface Duo software hands-on videos that big reviewers can’t show you yet

The Surface Duo is now in the hands of know reviewers, and many of them have posted unboxing videos of the device, detailing what the hardware feels like. It ends there, though, as the software experience is under embargo till September 10th.

That said, Surface Duo units are currently on display at AT&T and BestBuy stores across the US, and anyone can walk it and test the devices out, without any limitations as to what they can show or talk about, including the software.

So here are some initial impressions from people who have done just that.

It’s important to keep in mind that these display devices are running pre-release software and so you might have caught a few glitches and bugs in the videos. I fully expect Microsoft to address these issues in a day-one update or shortly after launch.


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