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Surface Duo unboxings have hit the web. Watch them here.

After months of waiting and a series of teasers from executives, Microsoft finally announced its intentions to launch the Surface Duo on September 10th.

Now, as we inch closer to that release date, Microsoft has sent out Surface Duo review units to members of the press and allowed them to show off the hardware, while the software remains under embargo until sometime closer to release.

First impressions of the hardware have so far been extremely positive, with reviewers praising the build quality and industrial design. Watch their individual takes below.

Android Authority

Android Central


Dave Lee

Digital Trends



Jenna Ezarik

Marques Brownlee

PC Magazine


Tom’s Guide

Windows Central

XDA Developers

So there you have it, the initial impressions of the Surface Duo. If I’ve missed any other unboxings, please let me know, and I’ll add them to the list.

September 10 is almost among us!

*Header image courtesy of Michael Fisher


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