NextGen Reader 2.0 review

The sophomore version of what is arguably the best custom news/RSS reader on Windows is here, and it’s Windows 8.1-ready too!

NextGen Reader started as a Windows Phone 7 Google Reader app, which quickly grew in popularity due to its clean Metro looks, ease of use, diverse range of features and constant, regular updates. It has since carried that legacy on to Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, and now Windows 8.1.

Lets have a look and some of the new features available in version 2.0.


First, its support for the new Live Tile and Snap sizes introduced by Windows 8.1. The new large Live Tile size provides plenty of useful information at a glance without the need to launch the app.


While the new Snap sizes allow you to use NextGen Reader side-by-side with say Twitter or IE. That should get you ultra-productive in a snap (pun intended)!


Support for portrait orientation is finally here so you can take better advantage of the 16:9 widescreen on the Surface for example. Great for viewing tons of articles without the need to scroll as much.


Its also easier to share on Facebook and Twitter directly from within the app.


An improved Grid View now works better with touch-based PC’s and lets you easily open news articles/sources in IE.


There’s also better account support! Didn’t expect Instapaper but there you go iPhone and Android users.

In addition to that, there have been a number of under-the-hood bug fixes and small UI changes that should make using the app in touch or mouse mode a more pleasant experience.


Overall, this new version of NextGen Reader brings appreciated improvements to what is already a fantastic news reader. And knowing the consistency of the developer, it wont stop here.

Get version 2 in the Store now!

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