How to run Android apps on the Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro line features a full version of Windows, which means you can install any x86 Windows app on it. That gives you access to MILLIONS of apps available to install. But why limit yourself? Here’s how to run Android apps on your Surface Pro.

1) Download Genymotion. Head over to their site, sign up, and download the app. Make sure you download the “ready-to-run” version which includes VirtualBox.
Screenshot (31)

2) Install and run Genymotion. Install the downloaded file. VirtualBox will install first. Launch VirtualBox, then launch Genymotion with Administrative privilages.

3) When Genymotion prompts you to create a new virtual device, do so. I’ve selected the “Nexus 7 – 4.2.2 – with Google Apps – API 17 – 1280×800”. You can select the Galaxy Nexus one too if you want a smaller screen emulator. Select one and click Add.
Screenshot (28)
Screenshot (30)

4) Once its completed downloading, simply click the Play button and the emulator will launch.

5) Click ‘No’ or ‘Stop asking me’ when its prompts you to configure the ADB.
Screenshot (32)

5) You can then sign into Android just as you would on a real device, and download apps and games from the Google Play Store.
Screenshot (33)

6) Enjoy running your favorite Android apps on the Surface Pro!

NOTE: Emulation is very CPU intensive, so watch your battery life!


    1. GenyMotion have since ran into issues with Google, who are unhappy with them providing access to the Play Store. Last I checked GenyMotion is working on resolving the issue with Google.

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