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List of apps that support Surface Slim Pen 2 haptics

Among the Surface devices unveiled at the recent Microsoft Event was the announcement of the Surface Slim Pen 2. The biggest improvement in the new Slim Pen 2 is the addition of haptic feedback, which Microsoft claims is designed to replicate the friction felt when writing on paper.

For haptics to be enabled, a few criteria need to be met: 1) You have a Surface Pro 8 or a Surface Laptop Studio, 2) you are running Windows 11, and 3) the software you are using to write/draw on has been updated to support Surface Slim Pen 2 haptics.

Assuming you meet the first two criteria, it’s then up to software developers to update and enable their applications to support the haptics functionality. Here is a list of applications that have already been updated.

First-party (Microsoft apps)

Third-party apps

This list will be updated as new apps are updated to support haptic feedback on the Surface Slim Pen 2. So check back to see if your favorite app makes the list.

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