How-To Surface

Master these touchpad gestures on your Surface device to navigate Windows 10 like a pro

Windows laptops were previously notorious for their terrible touchpads, especially when compared to the touchpads found on Apple’s MacBooks. That reputation began changing when Microsoft and Synaptics announced a new standard for the way Windows detects clicks and gestures; the Precision Touchpad.

Introduced back in the Windows 8 days, Precision Touchpads have eventually made their way to every Surface device released since the Surface Pro 3. These touchpads allows for some pretty advanced, yet useful gesture controls in Windows. This is a guide on how to master those gestures to have you flying around Windows like a pro.

One-Finger Gestures

  • Tap to Select.
  • Double-Tap & Drag to Multi-Select.

Two-Finger Gestures

  • Tap to Right-Click
  • Pinch to Zoom
  • Swipe to Scroll (multi-directional)

Three-Finger Gestures

  • Tap to launch Windows Search
  • Swipe Down to Minimize All Open Windows. Swipe up to Restore Minimized Windows
  • Swipe Up to access Multitasking View
  • Swipe Left or Right to Switch Between Open Applications

Four-Finger Gestures

  • Tap to launch Action Center
  • Swipe Left or Right to Switch Between Virtual Desktops

Note: Other Windows OEMs like Dell, HP, Lenovo and others have also embraced Precision Trackpads, so these gestures should work on their supported models as well.

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