How-To Surface Duo

How to link Surface Duo to the Your Phone app on Windows 10

Surface Duo works great as a mobile computing device of its own, but it works even better when paired with your Windows 10 PC.

The Your Phone app on Windows 10 allows users to bring their mobile experiences to the PC, making it much more seamless to do things like answer calls, send text messages, check notifications, access your mobile camera roll, and even mirroring your mobile phone screen to your PC.

Here’s how to get it all set up.

Link Surface Duo to your PC

Step 1: On Surface Duo, swipe down from the top of the screen to bring down the notification tray, swipe down again on the quick actions to expand them.

Step 2: Tap Link to Windows and sign in with your Microsoft account. Note: Make sure that this is the same Microsoft account used on your PC.

Step 3: When prompted, tap My PC is ready.

Step 4: On your PC, launch the Your Phone app and select Send notification.

Step 5: On Surface Duo, select Allow when prompted to complete the pairing.

Note: You’ll need the Windows 10 April 2018 update (1803) or later to get the Your Phone app.

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