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A list of apps that have been optimized for Surface Duo [Updated]

As Microsoft prepares to launch the Surface Duo, the company has been preparing its apps to deliver a useful and productive dual-screen experience.

By default, all apps can span across both screens regardless of whether they’ve been optimized for dual-screen devices or not, but their content will simply expand rather than adapt to both screens.

Apps that have been optimized, however, are updated to recognize that they are running on a device with two screens and therefore display different or complimentary content on each screen.

I’ve compiled this list of apps that have been optimized and updated for dual-screen experiences.

First-party (Microsoft Apps):

Other third-party apps:

I’ll be keeping this list updated so be sure to check back from time to time, and if you know of an app with support for dual-screen and would like to see it added, let me know in the comments or via Twitter.


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